Student Comments


  • DO GO!  It is a very enriching and fulfilling experience.  There are long days but so full of entertaining and interesting information you won’t feel it!  You will make amazing friends and learn so much about yourself, your faith, and your beliefs.  Don’t worry and don’t be scared!  Just go for it and you will not regret it!!!!
  • Attending this conference has been a life changing experience for me.
  • Do it, it is so worth it.  You learn so much and get so many ideas to make a change.
  • Do it!  I learned so much and gained so much appreciation for the Dominican tradition.
  • It is a great experience to be with those who have the same beliefs as yourself.
  • This experience is something that can bring a huge impact in someone’s life.  this conference has brought so many memories that won’t be forgotten.  This experience definitely brings someone closer to God and teaches us how to appreciate creation and experience the love of God.
  • It’s a really fun time, plus you meet a bunch of young adults who are just like you, we all have the same values and such so it is really great to connect.
  • No matter your religion or belief you can gain tremendous benefits from the contemplative reflections, engaging activities and the people you meet.
  • The conference will change the way you see the world.  There’s a great chance your life will never be the same (in a good way).
  • The learning experience was especially worthwhile and the diversity of the sessions was perfect.  Most importantly, the people were incredibly welcoming and fun.  The friendships formed will always be treasured.
  • Take time to absorb all the graces you will receive.
  • An absolutely incredible experience that will help you grow in faith and in knowledge of Dominican Life.
  • Definitely go to this because the sisters are lovely and the environment so peaceful and you will meet people from all over the nation.
  • I got close to my faith again … please go!
  • Wonderful experience to grow in your faith, connect with your school and meets lots of interesting new people.
  • Definitely go!  It’s a wonderful experience and you will make long lasting friendships.
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