Answering a Call

The High School Preaching Workshops began in 2001 and have served 1,200 students, ages 13-18, in 60+ workshops. The workshops encourage students to fulfill their own baptismal call to “Preach the Word of God, in all things you do.

We have been introducing young people to our charism of preaching in a unique and fun way. We have been offering preaching workshops to high school students for the past 15 years in an effort to heighten their awareness of the various ways preaching can occur in their own lives.

At these workshops, students are exposed to the different ways we, the people of God, can accomplish that goal and that pulpit preaching is merely one milieu where that goal can be accomplished. They learn that we can preach through dance, music, drama, art, storytelling, to name just a few. Most of all they learn that preaching can be fun and that we do it all the time.

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